:: Happy LOVE Day ::

:: Our jar in our home is full of love for all the people in our lives :::: We are preparing to head out and deliver the last few Valentine's that we have left in the jar ::
:: This morning I was greeted by Jacob with a card from Cole and him and then a card from Paul along with a sweet 2 page letter (on pink stationary & everything!) ::
:: My two Valentine's enjoyed heart shaped pancakes & bacon for breakfast *yum yum*::
:: We are going out tonight to our church for "Date Night". We're hosting a table of couples - there is a dessert buffet (ahhhh, death by chocolate) and a comedian --- Should be fun! :: :: I hope you have a very blessed Valentine's Day and that wherever you are, that you're aware of how much you are loved! ::


Mom said...

Happy Valentine's Day to my dearest daughter and all her boys!! MCRO

Lisa B. said...

Love love and more love from me and my Valentine's to you and yours!


Jennifer said...

What kind of icing is that? It looks so nice and shiny.

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