:: Today's Provision ::

But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

:: A while back (just after Cole was born) my neighbour Claudia came over with a bag full of miscellaneous baby items. She doesn't yet have any grand babes and so had no reason to keep the items from the pre-schooler that she no longer babysat ::

:: At the time I was consumed with the new baby and just getting through the day, so I said thank you (however neglected to send over a thank you note...bad Shawna) and tossed the bag into the laundry room. After all I had a new born and a toddler to worry about, the bag of items could wait ::

:: Well, Christmas came and went and so did New Years ::

:: Side note to this story - Jacob is potty training, so he has decided. So being that we don't have extra money hanging around I wasn't going to go out and spend a wad of cash on training pants if this was just a brief lapse of judgement for him and the next day he was back into wearing a diaper. So I decided to wait on the trainers ::

:: He woke up the next morning and decided he was still a big boy and still wanted to go on the potty. Good, now on with the story ::

:: So yesterday I am going through bags of clothes and misc. items that I want to sell at the Kidswap this weekend and I come across this bag and open it up, to my delight and see this ::

:: See the training pants, there was a whole stack of them and to top it off they have Lightening McQueen on them - Fabby! ::

:: The story didn't end at the trainers, when I was in Costco the other day I saw the double pack of Kinesys kids sunblock and thought to myself, "It sure would be good if we could afford that - I love Kinesys sunblock". No need to afford it, or work it into the budget for March. God provided it at no cost to me, and he had planned it and provided it prior to me even knowing. And if you think the story stops there you would be wrong....We were on our last package of wipes in our house and even though I had planned to go out today to Costco and pick up a few boxes of wipes (because they are $3 off right now and that's a mighty good deal) we didn't have a single one in our house. There you go again God, providing for us. How great are you!!??! ::


Jennifer and Michael said...

That's SO great! I bet you'll send a thank you note now that all this has happened! What a cute neighbor!!

By the way - when is the kidswap?? I'd LOVE to come out to it!!!!

Mom said...

God is so good! I love it when He supplies our needs before we even know we have a need.
Ecclesiastes 2:26

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