:: My Time ::

:: I'm here...really I am :: :: We have just been crazy busy & thus I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog ::
:: Just to give you a snip-it of what has had our time here is what we've been up to ::
* My Stampin' up party
* Trip to Seattle
* Trip to the Island for My Bro's birthday
* Happy Housewives
* My girlfriends Stampin' up Party
* Cole's Dedication
:: So there are my excuses....but there are some very exciting things happening around here so come back tomorrow for the juicy news ::
(fyi :: no, I'm not expecting again) ::


Sandy said...

Shawna, thanks so much for visiting me and emailing - great blog here! Keep in touch!

Canadian Kristin said...

Juicy news is always fun.....do keep us posted!!!

Lisa B. said...

Okay....I'm here and no news.....you said "tomorrow" - today is now tomorrow!

Hand over the goods lady! ;-P

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