:: Sorry Y'all ::

:: I promised you some "juicy news" {okay, it's really not that juicy}. But life is going psycho...maybe it's me that's going psycho. That sounds more like it! ::
:: At any rate, I have now downloaded our pictures from our past few weeks full of adventure and will hopefully get on to blogging them tonight once I get back home from a meeting ::

:: I promise an update in photo's on here in the next 24 ::
:: Until then, have a great day and I pray the rain holds off. The cherry blossoms are out and it would be so unfortunate to see the rain turn them into a mushy mess ::


Jessi said...

I've been checking in on you every day and am so glad to see you back on here. I know what you mean about feeling a little crazy. I'm in the middle of packing for us for a family vacation on Saturday! So much stuff goes with travelling with two little ones!!! Thankfully they're both asleep right now allowing me some time to get it done! Can't wait to catch up with you and your men! Love, Jessi

Rachel said...

Our street used to be lined with gorgeous but very old ornamental cherry trees. Last year they ripped them all out as the roots were long enough to start damaging the houses. Now the street is rather bare because the trees that replaced them are so small.

Canadian Kristin said...

Wow....what an awesome view as you come and go from home every day!!!!

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