:: Juicy News ::

:: I know it's been a long time coming...but I'm ready to expose my juicy news (ha ha, can you feel the drama?) ::

:: I have wanted to do something that I enjoy, something that is my own, something that doesn't involve my kids or hubby (no matter how wonderful they are!) ::

:: I try my best to do lots of things and to do them well...I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist but if I attempt to do something I will work at it until it is finished to my satisfaction ::

:: So in an effort to call something my own, I have gone through many options of the things I love to do that could possibly be a new business for me. Special event hair-do's, Family Photography, Cake-making etc. the list could go on of the things I love to do. Then there were the "pre-made" options like Pampered Chef, Stampin' Up etc. etc. However none of these things felt right ::

:: However one day a about 4 weeks ago a chance came across my path to do a new business venture and I couldn't pass it up. Being very nervous about starting this new venture on my own and balancing it between doing life with my growing family and everything that life entails, I really felt that God was giving me this opportunity and I had to take it ::

:: So I did it ::

:: I have started my own home business called Beauticontrol ::

:: It is a fabulous company that encourages Mom's to stay home, but also gives SAHM's the outlet to do something for themselves while they are giving into the lives of others and make a bit of money doing it ::

:: I ordered my first package of spa quality products and I have been using them for the past three weeks and I LOVE them. Now, If you know anything about me I'm not one to spend money on things like this....however, Beauticontrol has fabulous prices, with AMAZING products. Since the products are "Spa Quality" {think Spa Utopia} you have to use them very sparingly and hence they last that much longer. There are no fillers and the products are made in the USA {Texas to be exact, now isn't that just right up my alley!?!?} ::

:: So this is how it works...we don't have the time, money, even energy to get ourselves out the door to a Spa, so I bring the Spa to you. You gather the girls, I bring the products and we have a night full of pampering ~ How great is that? ::

:: It's a great thing to do with a few of your closest friends or your whole bible study group....it's relaxing, quiet {but could get potentially loud with a whole bunch of delirious, cackling, over-tired women!}, and most of all a time-out for you ::

:: I am so excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to share in a Spa night and these amazing products with you ::

:: If you want to check out the products you can click on my website here: http://www.beautipage.ca/shawnas-spa/index.asp ::

:: My all time favorite product of Beauticontrol is their Microderm Abrasion -- It's a fabulous product that makes your skin feel amazing let alone the obvious results of reducing the damage from the sun & scars! I cannot wait to sample it on more people (thanks to Paul, Matt & Lisa for letting me use it on you) ::

:: I will post updates on the newest products and product sales on my blog, but if it gets out of control I may start a new Beauticontrol Blog (let me know what you think of this idea)::

:: If any of you readers would love to take a chance on me and have me come into your home and "Spa" you for the night I would love to do it, please just leave a comment and I will be sure to get in touch with you ::

:: Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement with my new endeavour -- My goal from the get-go has been to bless other women and to see other women take a little time for themselves ::


Lisa B. said...

Whoo hoot! So glad the news is out......can't wait to get me grove, I mean SPA, on!

Anonymous said...


Nickie said...

Congrats on your new business venture! I'm sure that you will do wonderful at it!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Good for you! If I can scrounge together any friends I would love to have a spa party!

Canadian Kristin said...

I think this is the perfect business for you!!!!!!!! Have fun and congrats!!!

Christy said...

Good for you Shawna.......sounds exciting!

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