:: The Zoo ::

:: Boy oh Boy -- You can tell I'm behind on blogging when it has been two weeks since we had been to the zoo and I'm just blogging about it now! ::

:: A couple weeks ago my girlfriend Tania called and wanted to know if we wanted to head out to the zoo -- I was fried. This call was on the Monday morning following the whirlwind trip to Seattle & Victoria...of course I said yes. Why stay at home in a "I'm-too-tired-to-think" mode when I could get outside and hang out with a friend and our kids ::

:: We had a fabulous time and if I had extra money to put into a 1 year pass to the zoo -- I would, it is a great place to go and I would highly recommend it! ::


Lisa B. said...

The zoo is always a sure thing.....somehow you always stand in awe at all the wonderful creatures God made - regardless of how many times you may have seen them!

Canadian Kristin said...

I was so bummed not to go with you girls.....glad you had a great time!!!

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