:: Camping - Port Townsend ::

:: A couple weekends ago we headed down South across the border, over the water and ended up @ Port Townsend, WA ::

:: This is a place that Paul has gone camping with his family since he was a wee babe. Paul and I hadn't been back to PT for at least 5 years, so it was due time that we headed out on a camping adventure to PT ::

:: We camped with 3 families: {1} Paul's Parents & brother, Jamie ::

:: {2} Paul Sister & her family: Michael, Jennifer & Victoria ::

:: {3} Forever friends of the family from Oregon: John, Steph, James & Colleen ::

:: Isn't it just the most dreamy setting? ::

:: Do you remember the movie "An Officer & a Gentleman"? This is location the movie was shot at. The campground is located right in an old Fort from WWII called Fort Warden ::
:: Here we are with our boys @ the beach...too bad this was really the only sun we saw for three days of camping! ::
:: Enter the town of Port Townsend ::

:: As we were driving into Port Townsend I remembered the first time I came with Paul & his family camping, it was the summer of 1998 and about 6 weeks after we started dating. I didn't realize it until this trip that this is the place I fell in love with Paul at. It's not very often that you can actually remember the moment you felt that yes, this is love...so it was so amazing that I realized that Port Townsend was the place that I knew it was right and he was the one my heart loved ::

:: We enjoyed lots of time at the beach and running about at the Fort and watching Jacob run through and around the places that Paul had when he was a toddler like Jacob. It was truly surreal for him ::

:: Here is the whole crew less Cole & I - plus Paul's other cousins that were at a different site @ the campground while we were there ::

:: Nanna & Cole just hanging out ::
:: Uncle Jamie teaching Jacob all about the sea life ::

:: Wild beach (as named by Paul's family) ::

:: The view of the campsite from the top of the Fort, our site is on the far right with the gaggle of tents between the two trees ::

:: It's so neat to walk around the Fort and just imagine what it would have been like to actually have been there when it was a working Fort ::

:: My boys enjoying the beach ::

:: I don't know what this building is or what it was previously but it's located at the top of the bluff overlooking the ocean and as soon as you drive off the ferry it's the first building you see ::
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:: We had a wonderful time and look forward to making it our family tradition as well. See ya'll back there next year! ::

{:: We also visited Fort Casey while we were there and the weather was amazing - Post to come sometime this afternoon after all of my chores are done around here ::}


jamiedelaine said...

What an amazing place! It's so cute!! That's so cute about you and Paul too. Would that have been about 10 years ago?

Rachel said...

Did you freeze at night?

Shawna said...

:: Jamie - Yes, it was 10 years ago, it's crazy how quickly time flies! ::

:: Rachel - No we didn't freeze @ night, it is a REALLY REALLY cold place to camp but we brought a little heater as we wanted to make sure that we could regulate the air in our tent as our we couldn't trust that our little ones would keep their blankets on...so yes it's cold, but not in our heated tent ;) ::

FunkyMomma said...

Shawna, what great pictures! It makes me want to visit PT so badly! Looks like a fun family vacation!

Laura said...

Again, great pictures! Thanks for sharing your love story about knowing you were in love with Paul and he was your forever love :) So good to remember the history of a marriage and the love you have made sacred. And now to see you with your lovely family and perfect boys... awesome!

Cathy said...

Lovely! I especially love the photo of all four of you!

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