:: Summertime - So FuN ::

:: I recently {finally} got a camera which if you remember was actually a Christmas gift from my parents. Yes, almost a whole year ago ::

:: I had my heart set on a certain camera and I was holding out for it to get down to a certain price...well that wasn't going to happen! So my girlfriend Lisa told me about this deal @ Costco.com in the States, that I just couldn't pass up! ::

:: This is my new baby ::

:: Plus I got an extra lens and a 2 mega bite card for an amazing deal -- all said + done it was $614.00 (that is for the whole camera, extra lens, card and shipping) :::: So that takes me to meeting up with my girlfriend Nickie. Nickie lives just outside Bellingham and if you know me, you know I'm down in Bellingham all the time...now don't ask me why it has taken me 6 years to catch up in person with Nickie, it's quite pathetic that we haven't made it more of a priority! ::

:: Nickie and I were friends throughout all of high school and had simply SO much fun together...So you can imagine what it was like to meet up again, just like old times and she is just as much fun {if not more fun!} than I remember! ::

:: Nickie is also my "mailbox pimp" see why we got together is because I shipped my camera to her address, what a great excuse to get together, drink some fabulous coffee, do some shopping and talk, talk, talk! Seriously I don't think we stopped talking the whole time! ::

:: Thanks Nick for the great visit & for showing me around Trader Joe's and your secret shopping places...my bank account won't be the same! ::

:: You are truly a life-long friend and for that I am so thankful! ::

:: I'm off to do some gardening as it seems like our weather here has taken a turn for Fall already...I'm sad to see Summer go, but oh how I LoVe Fall! ::


Rachel said...

You two could be sisters...super cute photo!

Nickie said...

Absolutely life long friend! You are stuck with me for a long time! :) I had a wonderful time too. We will have to hang out/shop again soon!

Anonymous said...

a fellow nikon friend- yeah!

Laura said...

I'm so happy for you and Nickie, that you got to hang out and catch up. Lifelong friends are SUCH a blessing!! Sounds like you had a great time :)

Amanda said...

Looks like an amazing camera and looks like an amazing time with Nickie! Looking forward to LOTS of pictures taken with your new 'baby'!

Cathy said...

I am so happy that you finally got your camera! I cannot wait to see your photos Shawna.

You guys have been on my mind a lot and I hope all is well.

Take care!

Crystal said...

great snag on the camera! Can't wait to see pics:)

The Samy's said...

Well it looks like that camera is in good hands! Make sure you take lots of pictures.

Dustin and Chelsey said...

I love it! Camera's much such a world of difference. I have a similar one. A Canon xe Rebel. VEry fun! Great pics you took by the way!

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