:: Old House ~ New Look: Laundry Room ::

:: Okay, Okay, Okay....well I guess I've left it long enough now! This post was actually partially finished two days ago, I just didn't have the chance to edit and post it ::

:: So here we go ::

:: Not sure if you remember but this is my original laundry room. It was horrible...the door couldn't open fully due to the small size of the room + full size washer&dryer = no room for the opening {there is Jacob crawling around, he was about the same age as Cole is now...it's crazy fast how fast time goes by!} ::

:: Here is the laundry room now from the same view. Here is what we did to change it:
*New floor {peel & stick from Home Depot}
*New trim
*Painted the doors
*Installed new stacking washer/dryer
*Left original light fixture but just painted the trim & center w/ spray paint
*Paul created & installed a folding table beside the washer/dryer unit {due to the pipes & tubing for the washer/dryer unit we couldn't put the washer/dryer unit right against the wall so we had to improvise}

:: Here is the view from our hall into our laundry room - this is the folding table Paul made for me that stands perfectly high enough for me to fold on without bending over ::

:: Yes, I have a few detergents - One for darks, one for whites, one for regular + Downy fabric softener, then there is the bleach, fabric softening sheets {I don't use my Downy on Paul's outside work clothes, so he gets the fabric sheets, these are also used for lining our dresser drawers and putting on our hangers etc.}, oxi-clean for those boy type stains, and Mrs. Stewarts liquid bluing ::

:: In the baskets; there is one for random socks {don't ask}, some cleaning supplies that I don't keep in my cleaning closet, an emergency kit {flashlight, matches, snack bars etc.} and our sunscreen & swimming diapers for the babes ::

:: Under the folding table is my laundry basket, a garbage can & my mop bucket ::

:: Close up of decor on my folding table {calendar, lamp, fake potted plant (I killed the real one) & hand lotion} ::

:: This is a view from the door into the laundry room towards the garage door ::

:: See how small my laundry room actually is? I told you it is a postage stamp! ::

:: On top of my washer/dryer I have extra fabric softener & a basket holding extra paper products {toilet paper & paper towel} ::

:: This is the wall directly across from my washer/dryer unit. It has a peg board with misc. items on it and friends photos ::

:: I found this great little shoe rack at Target ($20) for the boys shoes/socks and extra out-door items. Sometimes it ends up being a catch all but usually it stays pretty organized ::

:: We also have two key racks in our house, one by each door we may enter. This is because someone {to remain anonymous} looses their keys all the time - I bought these pine "keys" holder @ Walmart in the states for $2 or $3 dollars and painted them ::

:: Across from the above wall - behind the garage door and beside the washer/dry unit {got that??!?!} we installed hooks from the dollar store (5 hooks on white wood for $2). The upper set is for Cole's coats etc. and the bottom one is for Jacob's. So far Jacob has been really good at putting his shoes away on his shelf and hanging up his coats...that's one more thing off my list! ::
:: So that's it, my laundry room...I love it, it may be small and may be nothing special but it suits my needs right now and so I'm happy with it. If we stay in this house we will probably extend it out a few feet to make a bigger "mud room" portion for our boys but we'll cross that road when we get there.

:: If you have any questions that I didn't answer regarding my laundry room, just ask me on my comment section...I'll try and answer you asap ::

:: Thanks for coming on a tour of my laundry room with me...not like you had a choice! ::


Jason and Kristin said...

That's awesome Shawna...You have such great vision and I love what you have done with all of your rooms!You should be very proud of yourself! Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

I'm a little green with laundry room envy.....you guys really did an awesome job!

Shawna said...

Thanks Kristin & Christy -- It's fun to see my ideas come to life in this house. It's not exactly what I want in my "dream house" but right now it's as good as it gets.


Anonymous said...

What room is next?

Rachel said...

I'll say it again....you've got great talent in the home decorating department!

Shawna said...

A :: I'm not sure which room I'll do next...I am only posting pictures of rooms that I have completely finished...so I would say probably a bathroom...stay tuned!

R :: See,you're not the only one that has peel 'n stick tiles in their laundry room!

Crystal said...

I agree, you definetly have a gift:)

Annika said...

Fabulous job, Shawna! It looks so great and no corner is wasted. My kind of makeover!! Sadly, I am not as good at it as you! But it gives me great ideas!

Laura said...

Nice work! I love the detail you gave us, you're too funny. Way to use your space so effectively! You can rub a little of that off on me please! :)

susan said...

I too have a little laundry room envy - which is a little strange, it's a laundry room! Mine is in the unfinished basement - I have a beautiful washer & dryer set that I love but they really deserve a beautiful room like you have.
Next house I am SO having a "mud room"!!
You really have an eye for decorating Shawna.

The Samy's said...

Beautiful job once again Shawna! You are so gifted and love your passion for detail.

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