:: Just around the corner ::

:: Remember back here when I announced a new ministry that I was venturing into with my friend Lisa.B? Well, it's finally here...the first night...the big kick off...and my palms are sweaty ::

:: Lisa wrote a great post here on her blog, take a moment go over and read it, she's much more articulate than I am ::

:: If you read this blog and you are in the area...You know who you are...come out to our first event, heck come out to all of our events ::

:: This Wednesday night {our first event} is in the CLA Cafe @ 7:30 pm - Our guest speaker is Pam Russell and you won't want to miss "Walking in her shoes" ::

:: If you go to another church please don't hesitate to get a gang of gals together and join us in an evening of warm drinks, fellowship and a breath of fresh air. We all need a break every once in a while! ::


Jennifer said...

I am in the process of trying to find a sitter so I can come out!

Joanne said...

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered....I love a night out with the girls!!

Christy said...

Wish I could come out! But know you and your ministry are in my prayers!

Cathy said...

That is wonderful! I wish you ALL the best with this new wonderful group. I am going to try to come out for the next one, once my half mara training is done and I have 'lag time' between clinics!

Trista Cooper said...

I am definitley going to try and make it out!

Tawn said...

I'll be there ... I've been screaming from my soapbox about this ... SO excited.

Jenn VH said...

I've been looking forward to it all month--a night out with the girls!! YEAH!! Plus a time to be ministered to as well--can't beat that! You're in my prayers as you do the final preparations for the kick off event!!
(((hugs))) Jenn

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