:: Women's Wednesday ~ The Big Reveal! ::

:: Last night was the night for the first official reveal of a new ministry that Lisa B and I have initiated ::

:: It is the third Wednesday of every month @ 7:30 pm in Cafe CLA & we are so excited about it! ::

:: Here is our vision ::
"We desire to touch women's lives through God's word, tangible acts, sincere fellowship and abundant blessings "

:: We are so excited to see this ministry and new wing of the women's ministry @ CLA take off, so come on out our first event is on September 17th ~ We'd love to host you for the night! ::

{So this has been what I have been busy with for the last few months....but it was SO worth it!}


Jennifer said...

Looks like a great idea Shawna!
If there is any way I can make it out there I will :)

susan santos said...

This sounds great! It's wonderful that you've taken this ministry on!
Wish I lived closer...I'd love to join ya'll.

Joanne said...

So excited to see what God has in store. Looking forward to enjoying a night with friends. MCRO

Christy said...

Sounds like fun......we will be praying for God to move and work through this new ministry.

Laura said...

I am so thankful for something for women that is not during the day! I always felt a little left out of the Wed mornings thing because I work - sometimes it feels like you can't be involved in a church woman's ministry until you've had kids or aren't working anymore! So good for you and Lisa - I hope to join you for the fun times! :)

The Samy's said...

Hey Shawna, Its Elyshia, you have spoken to my husband on Facebook and I came across your blog as I was snooping on Jessi, so I thought I would say hi and introduce myself to you! I hope you don't mind that I now can snoop into your life =)Have a blessed day and hope to meet you on person soon.

Cathy said...

WTG Shawna and Lisa! Great idea to have it in the evening when it is a bit easier to get out of the house!

Congrats, and I sure it will be wildly successful.

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