:: Our Cowboy ::

:: Yesterday @ the YEE HAW Party we did some face painting...Paul got ahold of some face paints and this is the result ::

:: A very mature Jacob - Ha Ha Ha, this gave us quite the laugh! ::

:: Oh Jacob, you are so patient. He just sat there and waited with his eyes closed while Daddy made him look like a real cowboy! ::
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Jennifer said...

That is hillarious! Reminds me of something Carl would do!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the laugh! He looks GREAT as a cowboy!

Laura said...

Hilarious! He looks so adorable, and way to go for staying so still!

Cathy said...

Yeee hawwww!!! LOL!

He looks so cute!

Christy said...

So cute Shawna.....I miss that boy.

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