:: Madelyne's 4 ::

:: It was a "YEE HAW" Happy Birthday time @ Madelyne's 4th Birthday ::

:: It is unbelievable to watch this little lady grow up ~ we were there when little Miss. M was born and I can't believe it was 4 years ago!!! ::

:: Last night Lisa and I were talking about when we both accepted Jesus as our Lord & Savior & it was when we were both 4 ~ So I look forward to watching as Madelyne chooses to invite Christ into her heart ::

:: Miss. Mo, you have such an exciting year ahead of yourself and we will be right there praying you through every step. We love you SO much! ::
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jamiedelaine said...

Cute cake, you! What a fun party.

Cathy said...

Great job on the cake!! Looks like a really fun party theme!

Cathy said...

PS Shawna, when you get a second...can you show me how to make those collages. Those are really neat.

Thanks! Have a good one.

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