:: Spice it up a little ::

:: Hey YOU! Yes YOU! How are you today? I'm recovering from multiple things that have yet again kept me from writing {more on these fun things later} ::

:: Right now it's "What do you look like RIGHT now?" time - isn't that spicey???? Yeah, okay...not so much, but hey I do what I can! ::

:: So here I am ::

:: This is how I look as I sit at my desk - wading through bills/reciepts and organizing invoices ::

:: This is me sans make-up, hair product and wearing the same top I wore on Sunday, Wednesday afternoon {after I showered @ 2:00 pm} and I am wearing it again today - so there...join in, post a shot of you where you're at right as you are ~ I promise we'll love you anyway ;) ::

:: Hope ya'll are gettin' things done today, cause tomorrow the sun just might be out and then we will be able to run off and do better things like wade in creeks, lay in the sun & read a new book! ::
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Laura Neufeld said...

Did you get your hair cut?!? It's cute!

Shawna said...

Okay - you have to leave another note Laura so I can link to your page ;)

Jessi said...

Hiya...just found out that you left a message last week, Dean and I both listen to messages, but if it's not flashing, I don't check. I should learn by now after so many unreceived calls that I should just always check it...he tends to forget. So let's talk again, I'll try and give you a shout tonight...if not, tomorrow for sure! Love, jessi

Great shot of yourself...I don't dare join in...I've got puke all over my shirt and haven't had a second to change it yet...but I will, before I go get our students in an hour!

Nurse Nickie said...

I met your challenge and posted a shot of me this evening!!! BTW - you look gorgeous, even sans makeup and hair product! Enjoy the sun tomorrow!
PS - sorry if this comment appears twice - computer was acting funny.

Shawna said...

Thanks for playing with me Nickie :)

And yes Laura, I cut my hairs...I got a really really crappy hair cut and it was not growing in well at all.

So the other day I went in to have my dead ends trimmed off and the girl had to cut 6 inches off because my hair was so ruined! Bummer as that was not my intention, but I like it now as it feels fresh and clean..

Thanks for noticing ;)

Amanda said...

I took on your challenge on my blog.

PS - Love the hair!

Keri's Collage... said...

Love your hair!
Soryy...I'm not playing! One bad picture of me posted this month is enough!! haha

Joanne said...

Okay....I think you're going to have to give the prize to me!! What no prize?! I think I deserve the "oh, you poor, pathetic thing, you" prize.

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