:: Hello, anyone out there?!?! ::

:: Hello All (if there is anyone that has still kept up on reading this dusty old thing!), sorry for the delay in posts! It's not that I don't have anything to post about it's just that I'm too busy living to actually sit down and write it out ::

:: I have actually been really torn at posting things for a variety of reasons, I love being my candid self and being brutally honest but not at the cost of others feelings. If I were to write something or an opinion or something that we did in our lives I wouldn't want it to hurt or offend anyone. Well, we all know that is an impossible task! So I have had to think long and hard about doing this blog and having it be so personal ::

:: I don't want to shut this down or stop blogging, heaven knows I have enough to talk about, however I don't want to be guarded at what I do and don't say. I don't want to come across as being perfect or having a perfect life, Lord knows I have my issues and struggles just as much as anyone else ::

:: That is another reason I haven't been around. I have been trying to find balance in my life. I am a "keep everyone happy" kinda gal. That's great and all but that isn't necessarily the best way to be. It sounds good, sometimes feels good but the tower can come crashing down pretty fast when you are through with making everyone happy but yourself. So I have had to measure my life and all of the things I'm involved in and decide what kind of role and precedent they are going to take in my life and at what cost? ::

:: So there you have it, my heart on my sleeve...yeah, I know, that's so unlike me...well it actually is. I'm outspoken but not argumentative or confrontational, which is a bad way to be but remember I'm a "keep everyone happy" kinda gal ::

:: I will finish this and get on with posting all of the running nothingness that I have had saved on blogger for well over a month now...and then we'll get on to Christmas. I'm going home for Christmas, I'm staying right here focusing on the heart of the matter, my home, my love, my boys and in that I will find myself ::

:: To better things... ::


The Samy's said...

Oh Shawna, I can't begin to tell you how much you and your blog has encouraged me. I love reading about your adventures and fun times you have.You are such a beautiful, creative special person and I feel blessed to have met you.Your precious smile and contagious laugh will light up any room.You don't need to be concerned what to blog and what not to blog cause people have a free choice to read your blog and you are just being you, so keep up the great work and look forward to your many more posts.
Love Elyshia ~xox~
We really need to get together soon!

Crystal said...

I totally agree, your blog is your journal to write anything you want. Freedom of speech, right? Plus if someone doesn't like it or is offended by it they shouldn't read it! And they should keep there negative opinions to themselves:) So keep writing!

Amanda said...

Keep writing Shawna. I love reading your blog. Love to. So keep on keeping on!

Nadine said...

Shawna, I enjoy reading your blog. In reading it I get to know you. I love how real you are and how you speak your mind. Not to mention that you include us in your family's life.

Thank you for blogging and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your readers.

Kristin said...


Christy said...

Be not so silly....just be yourself, that's why you are loved :)

Charlene Witt said...

You need to say no more...I get it! I've been there - and visit 'there' now and then.

Just make this what it needs to be for YOU and only you and it will be right!

Joanne said...

As always MCRO

Shawna Blog fan said...

offended? Who is the fool that said that to you? Keep at it GIRL! Do not be discouraged!! In the mean time have fun with the family. :)

Shawna said...

Thank you gals for you comments and encouragement.

This was not a "pity me" post...it was just me being candid.

Thank you for my freedom of speech. I am blessed to have a place like this, truly I am.

Lisa B. said...

This blog is YOURS it's your outlet...what anyone chooses to think or say regarding what you post is their issue.

You do a great job of keeping things balanced...so keep going and forget about pleasing anyone other than Him.

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