:: Our Birthday ::

:: November is a really busy month for us, we have Cole's birthday on the 1st and then Paul's follows on the 4th and mine is on the 11th. I think I am blessed to have my birthday a week apart from my loves as it's great to have a full week of celebrations! ::

{I received flowers delivered to my door from Jennifer, so sweet Jen, thank you!}

:: We had a few celebrations for Paul, one the day after Cole's 1st Birthday {yeah, that was one crazy weekend} then we went out on a date to dinner and a movie, it was a great time celebrating Paul's birthday....it's hard to believe that the first birthday I celebrated with Paul was his 23rd, that's almost 10 years ago! ::

:: It was great to have T&C & Denay along for the celebrations, thanks for coming out guys! ::

:: We headed over to Paul's family home to celebrate our birthdays double trouble style, we had a great dinner of Me 'n Ed's Pizza, DQ Ice Cream Cake and individual little desserts for each of us! It was a special night with a lot of love and fun ::

:: We then did a celebration at my parent's place for my birthday::

:: We had a lovely traditional dinner and a favorite for me, my Mom's homemade ice cream pie...do you see a trend, yes I LOVE ice cream, so much so that I can't have it in my house! ::

:: Thanks for a great night M&D! ::
:: On the morning of my birthday we woke up to the sound of rain, no that's not rain, water..no no that's not water! Ugh, it's rice...all over baby brother and the floor...oh what fun a full ice cream bucket of rice can be when dumped on brother's high chair! Jacob had a great time swimming in the sea of rice. Happy Birthday to me! ::

:: Once the rice was all cleaned up Paul and the boys gave me my gifts, I got a super cute willow tree ornament from the boys and a beautiful Fossil watch from Paul {I'll post pictures of that on my wrist tomorrow}. I LOVE it! ::

:: Paul and I went out for dinner for my birthday (thanks T&C) to Earls and had a lovely night out (thanks M&D for taking the boys) ::

:: Thank you all for celebrating Paul and I in such sweet ways, we are truly overwhelmed and blessed! ::

:: One more year down, and one more year older...ouch, just kidding, it's great I'm just glad to have November almost over! My goal was to have our celebrations posted by the end of November, so here I am 20 minutes left in November...posting away ;) ::

:: Bye Bye November, hello December! ::


Joanne said...

Welcome back! Thanks for all the pics of the boys...miss you all!!

Christy said...

Looks like, as busy as it was, it was a good time! Love you all!

Kristin said...

Look at all that lovin' you received...and rightly so!!!

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