:: Oooh La La ::

:: This is my lovely gift from my hubby for my birthday, isn't it beautiful?!? I have never owned a "real" watch, but I am a really good keeper of time, so I haven't really needed one ::
:: However when I saw this one I loved it and now that I have it, if I forget it I totally miss it! ::

:: Thanks for my great gift Paul, I love it & you too {Now just don't be late!}! ::


jamiedelaine said...

I love it! I like how it looks masculine; I like that in women's watches, ironically. ;) I love the little picture you put on your sidebar of the fam. Adorable.

Shawna said...

Oh thanks, I love that it's a smaller version of a guys watch too, well, less the crystals ;)

oh and thanks for the compliment on the photo, a fabulous photographer named Jamie Delaine took them for us! ;)

Lisa B. said...

Beautiful! And a little bling too...I like it.

The Samy's said...

Beautiful choice Paul! Looks great on your wrist.

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