:: Happy Easter...um a few weeks late! ::

:: So this post on what we did for Easter was lost in the planning, executing, delivering & recovery of the the conference. So I apologize for the tardiness of this post. But I want there to be record of what our family did to celebrate one of our most favorite times of the year! ::

:: We started off the weekend at our friends brunch put on by K&C - We always have a blast at this event, and this year was no different. We have a huge Easter Egg Hunt along 28 other kids (yes, there were 30 little ones running around). Thank the Lord the rain held off because we were able to send the kids out to the fabulous backyard and let them wear off all the candy ::


:: We had special times with each of our families (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of our events) - but I can tell you that we enjoyed lots of candy, fellowship and visiting with our nieces -- oh and you can't forget the Paska, I didn't make my Paska until a few days before, which is a really good thing because it was CONSUMED constantly in our home! ::

:: Our boys & their cousin, Victoria received a slide for their Easter present from Nana & Papa. What fun, I bet they didn't thin that their living room would be turned into a giant jungle gym upon receiving their slides! ::

:: Here we are in our Easter Sunday Best - Yes, that's an ascott (not a nest!) on my head. Now, I have a story with this little accessory. My girlfriend is getting married and there was a tea party for her where we had to wear hats. Lovely, however I
wanted a new hat, so I decided since I didn't have time to look for one I would make one, total cost for my little ascott - $5. So I decided that I would wear it to church for Easter Sunday, and oh my stars I was the ONLY one in a church service of 1200 wearing a hat - on EASTER Sunday! ::

:: Anyway, here is our attempt at a family picture - there isn't a good one of all of us, so I thought I would post us attempting to get the boys to pay attention and smile...smile for crying out loud! You're full of chocolate eggs and ham...so SMILE! ::
:: Oh, and there are Cole's lips, if you didn't notice he's not lacking in the lips department! ::

:: We hope ya'll had a great Easter, we did and look forward to continuing to make more wonderful memories in the year to come! ::

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Christy said...

I love Cole's lips in that second one!

Cathy said...

Great photos Shawna! I LOVE your hat! Super cool.

susan said...

Work the hat girlfriend! You look great in it - but I think you could pretty much pull anything off, including a burlap sack, you'd wear it with style! :-)
I admire your boldness & I wish I could pull off a hat like that - LOVES it!
(any hey, whatever happened to wearing hats on Easter Sunday, we did it as kids all the time!)

Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Easter bonnet!!!

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