:: A work in progress ::

:: Did you know that we, er I mean Paul owns a 1972 VW Beetle? ::

:: Well, we do and it's a work in progress, we're really hoping to get it "road worthy" this Summer, it's about time that I was able to go for a ride in it. I've only been with Paul for 10 years this Summer...I mean really! Let's get this baby on the road! ::

:: Pray for us ;) ::


jamiedelaine said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I had no idea. Shawna. I need to take pictures of your family in front of this thing. In some field somewhere. Would you pleassse allow me to do so end of June or end of July? I am sooo serious! :) :)

Shawna said...

We would love that! Fingers crossed it get's running this Summer!

susan said...

Sweet ride!

Cathy said...

Cool car! I learned to drive in a beetle. 1968. Green. Good times!

Shawna said...

Jamie -- You've inspired Paul, we're well on our way to seeing the car completed!

Thanks for the inspiration! xo, *S

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