:: Recently ::

:: I had the pleasure of doing up a cake for a diamond wedding anniversary - I learned something with this cake ... I like doing things because I want to do them, not because I have to do them. Some of you may think, yes, of course that makes sense! Duh, I know I know I know, but it's almost like because I may have to do a cake, project or something, my insides just want to rebel against it and not complete the task ::

:: This cake was last minute, and a new challenge for me, I didn't do it for the big bucks - it was truly just out of the goodness of my heart. That is why I like to do things, because I want to help someone, do something nice or just because. Not because it was expected ::

:: This may be something that y'all have learned long ago, if so, please excuse the slow learner over here! ::

:: Here's to changes I'll be making to make sure I enjoy doing more things just for the enjoyment of the sacrifice and for nothing else! ::


maguiresaunt said...

Shawna, you did a beautiful job on that cake!

Laura said...

It is a beautiful cake, but that's why I got out of the wedding decorating business and why I don't go into the baking business when people tell me, "You should be in the business!" I tell them, "That would take the fun out of it." Blessings to you as you figure out the balance!

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