:: Today ::

:: We've been busy little people today! By 11:30 am we had already been on our bi-weekly trip to the States to stock up on groceries & gas prior to the long weekend ahead - that in itself can sometimes take 6 hours! But for some reason today it took much less time - thank the Lord! ::

:: We came home to unpack all the groceries and re-pack them all into the pantry {aka: garage cupboards}, then off into the van we go again to run a few errands. Just to return home to have lunch and do some gardening ::

{ our first red strawberry...I thought strawberries were easy to grow! Not so much! }

:: Then we had hair cuts, well not me but the boys did...ahhh, love the look of fresh new hair cuts! This was prior to the hair cuts having a treat on the porch ::

:: Here is our first red berry on our raspberry plant. Shortly after I snapped this shot Cole hit the bush with the baseball bat and now we have raspberry stained fence. Nice. I picked up the pieces and ate them. That's just my style! ::

:: Over the past few days I've been cleaning carpets, organizing cupboards and cleaning up the gardens. Our weather has be less than beautiful, the rain pretty much holds off, but it's not "Summer" weather by any means! So this has meant more time inside, organizing and such. It's not bad, most of it is much overdue but makes for a couple c r a z y kids! I'm really looking to VBS starting on Monday! ::

{ some of my hydrangea's from the plant we've had since the spring after we married, it started out white, then went to blue when we planted it at our first home {the townhouse} went back to blue when we planted it here and now it's decided to be pink! And I've decided it's a female, can't ever make up her mind! Ha! }

:: Well, I better get off of here and do some more organizing, I hear the toiletries/cleaning closet calling my name! ::

:: Thank you all for listening to my rant the other day and not sending me hate mail. Even if you don't understand what I was talking about or my feelings, I appreciate that you just listened and did throw stones ::

:: Happy Tuesday Lovelies! ::


jamiedelaine said...

such cute photos! i love you shawnaaa!

Rachel said...

Your hydrangea will change color depending on the acidty of your soil. But you probably already knew that! I love them and have some gorgeous blue ones in my garden.

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