:: Stranger Danger ::

:: Ha Ha Ha - do you remember that statement we were taught in elementary school, well now I'm using it on myself, on my own flipping blog! ::

:: Anyway, I've been a slacker around these parts. Life has not been overwhelmingly busy, nor has it been boring, I've just been trying to achieve my goal of living my life with purpose -- Cause do y'all know that it's less than 6 months until Christmas? Holy Shamoly!!! Which means that 2011 is right around the corner, so if I want to achieve my goals for 2010, I better get acting on 'em! ::

:: I've got SO much to blog about and want to write about, but I truly just haven't had the energy to do so...but, do not fear! I'm going to be doing some motorhoming (if that's such a term?) with my little family, so here's to hoping that I can get a bit of time to actually blog! ::

:: Here is what we've been up to...gardening, lots of gardening/Mom's birthday celebration/quick trips in the motor home, including parking int our local WalMart parking lots...yeah, we're ghetto like that/trip to celebrate little Miss D's birthday/hitting the water park on those really hot week days/surviving being a partial single mama/hitting the lake with the fam in the motor home, and again parking at the local WalMart...So there you go, in between everything else in life, those have been the key highlights over the past few weeks ::

:: So that's it, I hope y'all have been well, I've been around the blogging world -- just haven't been spending much time on my own blog! ::

:: Happy Friday Y'all, hope you have a fabulous weekend and keep an eye on my blog, I just might have up some eye candy for you to look at ;) ::

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Bring on the eye candy! We're very much on a summer schedule around here, too. Love it.

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