:: Update ::

:: Well, in my desire & quest to have the coveted TB flip flops, I {er, Mr. L} reminded me that probably spending $150+ on a pair of flip flops was not really practical - ugh, shucks! ::

:: But thanks to Kori --- I found these puppies, and I'm in love! Best of all they were 50% off the original price, so a steal at $15 and the perfect flip flop for Hawaii! ::

:: In other news, I took Cole to the X-Ray clinic this morning to have his chest looked at. I haven't heard anything from our doctor yet, but hope to hear something first thing tomorrow morning. Since he wasn't responding to treating his fever with Tylenol we decided we should probably give him the antibiotic and thankfully he has responded well and has not had a fever today. So we're praying for a great report tomorrow from our doctor --- and I'm praying for my niece too, she was sick
yesterday and had a fun ride in the ambulance for a brief stay at the hospital - boo! ::

:: In other total random news, Pleated Poppy hosts a fun linky party on her blog called WIWW {what I wore wednesday}, it's so much fun to see what other blogger girls are wearing...so I tried some shots of myself today, here's what I wore today ::

:: I totally forgot how much I love fashion and the assembly of an outfit...so WIWW has really made me think more into what I wear and what I love! ::

:: Details of my outfit are as follows ::
|White Tank - ON|
|Yellow Tunic - WalMart|
|White Jeans - Joe RCSS|
|White Penny Loafers - Bass, purchased online|

:: Hope y'all had a great Monday, I'm off to finish putting away the laundry and then hit the sack! ::


Heather said...

I love your outfit and those sandals that you got for a steal are too cute!! Praying for your boy and hope everything is ok! Cute blog, you have a beautiful family!

Kori's House said...

Truth be told... the sandals I bought Karli didn't fit so we went back and got her a bigger size and they are too big so I have claimed them as my own :)

Hope Cole feels better really soon! There is no time to be sick with a family vacation planned!

LOVE the outfit. LOVE yellow :)

Christy said...

Poor wee Cole! He looks mighty big yet small in that hospital frock....we're praying for him!

Joanne said...

Oh, that dear, wee man! He looks a little lost in that over-sized gown....hope he's back to his old self real soon.

Theresa said...

Praying for Cole over here and loving your fashionista worthy yet budget friendly ensemble at the same time! You go girl! PS - can you PLEASE come to Montreal and Shawna-fy MY bedroom? Please?

Josh Healy said...

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