:: Around here.. ::

:: We've got a sick little boy ::

:: He's had a fever for 5 days now, hovering around 101.5 -- It will break for an hour or so and then spike back up. So, when I was up all night with him and he finally fell asleep at 6 am so did I ::

:: We had decided that if he woke up one more morning with a temperature then he would be taken to the doctors office ::

:: So off I went this morning with the littlest big boy to our doctors office. We have a couple great family doctors that work out of the same clinic. I was sad to be missing church this morning so when I walked into the office and they were playing our local Christian radio station, it was just one reminder of why we love our doctors so much! ::

:: The doctor said that there is definitely something wrong with our baby, the doctor says it could be silent pneumonia, or bronchitis or another virus that is going around. So we have an antibiotic prescription on hold for us if we need it and we also have an x-ray set up for tomorrow morning. I'm praying he starts getting better as we're supposed to be on our annual family vacation to Port Townsend this week! ::

:: I hope y'all are having a great weekend and enjoying one of the last weekends of the Summer! I'm off to can some fresh peaches I picked up at our local farm market yesterday! ::


Rishana said...

Oh Shawna, I'm so sorry to hear that your littlest man is so sick...there sure is a lot of stuff going around. I hope that he feels better real soon and that you both get some much needed sleep tonight. You're in our prayers:)

Lisa B. said...

Praying for the littlest big man! Love that boy!


Christy said...

Wow....all the way across the ocean and both our babies are sick! We took a ride in the "ambullance" last night with Denay after she threw up feces.....here praying they both get better! Love to yo!

Tawn said...

so so sad for your little guy ... keep us updated.


Kori's House said...

Is he feeling better today?

Peaches... maybe that's what I should do today??

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