:: Airports...how I love thee ::

:: I love airports, especially when I'm the one leaving on a plane. My first ever plane ride was to Oahu Hawaii -- at least that's the first plane ride I remember going on. I went on a plane ride with my family when I was 6 or 7 months old and apparently I was "perfect" - my parents laid me in this little hammock that was attached to the wall and I slept in there the whole way. Mr. L's first flight was to Hawaii too, he was just 3 years old ::

:: Anyways, back to flying. Some people don't like flying; I'm not one of these people. Even when I was boarding the plane to go and visit my parents when my Dad had his seizure out of town, it didn't matter, I still loved flying ::

:: When I was away with YWAM I took 18 flights within 10 months, I LOVED it! ::

:: What is so great about flying? I don't really know, maybe picking out the outfit, people watching, little bags of pretzels...Truly, I don't know what I love about it because it's really all quite a hassle since the security measures have been raised so high due to 9|11 --- but I still really love it and I can't wait for our boys to go on the plane with us to Hawaii ::

:: I guess it will be the first official plane ride that Cole has taken as I was just a few weeks pregnant with Cole the last time we flew with them; JJ was almost 10 months old, so this will probably be the actual first flight that they remember going on --- That's so fun that we all get to have our first flights to the same place, who knew?!? ::

:: Anyways, in dreaming of what I'll wear on the flight to Hawaii...I came up with this :::: A few of you asked the details of our trip, so here you go! We'll be going sometime this Fall {sorry don't want to be too specific on here} and we'll be going for 17 days - which really interprets to 15 days as a day on either end gets eaten up by the traveling. Yes, it's a long time to be on an island with two small children, however when we were thinking about going on this trip we couldn't imagine just going for just one week and if we went for any more than one week we'd for sure have to take the kids. So yes, we're all going together, for the whole time, by ourselves. No, T, we don't have any coupons but we have been planning financially for this trip {by the time we go on the trip} for 5 months...So we have been making installments into our "holiday" bank account to ensure we don't have to go into debt to enjoy our holiday and we don't have to return to a massive credit card bill ::

:: The total cost of our vacation will be around $5000 - Start to finish. We got a kickin' deal on our flights, all four of us are flying for just over $2000, from our city directly to Oahu. We also booked a condo {privately} through VRBO and we're staying here -- my parents advised that we stay there as we will be right beside the Waikiki Hilton and get to use their ocean fed lagoon. This will be great for the boys and we won't always have to put up with the surf. We also have a full kitchen in our condo and so I will for sure be bringing a suitcase full of snacks and dried items {like ice tea, pirates booty, fruit snacks etc. as most of those things are cheaper here than on the Island} plus we can use this suitcase that will be empty upon our return to fill with Kona Coffee and chocolate covered mac nuts ;) ::

:: This trip is what I asked for, for my 30th birthday -- It may not be a gift to many going away on an island with your two kids under 4, but truly Paul and I have the same intentions for going away, especially to a tropical destination...get up, eat, pack to the beach, stay at the beach, have dinner, bed, repeat the following day. We have very low expectations, as long as the weather is good, we'll be happy campers! We will probably rent a car mid way through our trip to give us a change of pace and go to our favorite beach and as a treat we may also visit the aquarium. Cars are cheap to rent and easy to come by - we're talking like $15 a day, so if we rent one over a weekend we'll get the most use out of it ::

:: I know that this will be a lot of work, but it's also the chance of a lifetime. The boys are truly good travelers and they will never be just 3 & 4 again. We will for sure do this trip again, but it will never be the same...so we go, happy to share one of our most favorite places in the world with our boys ::

So until then, I plan, save and mentally pack for a trip of a lifetime! And try and pick out what I'll wear on the flight to Hawaii..oh how I love flying! ::


Char said...

Shawna, there is really no better place to vacation with your family that Hawaii! You will make amazing memories and have such a great time together as a family. YEAH!!!!! So excited for you guys, you totally deserve it.

Crystal said...

I know everyone loves Maui, and I too want to go there soon one day, but for someone who has only gone to Oahu, I loved it!! I hope you guys have an absolutely fantastic time!!! Make sure to go to Hanama bay, which I am sure you have been too but that was my absolute favorite place there!

Theresa said...

That vacation sounds just about perfect! I actually stayed at the Ilikai and it was great. We loved the Honolulu zoo last time we were there - it's not expensive and it's a quiet oasis that I bet the kids would love. The planning part is so much fun! Now you're inspiring me to figure out what to wear when we skip off to Florida next month...

Christy said...

Glad you like airports and airplanes....maybe you like them enough for the both of us :)

Kori's House said...

2 weeks in Paradise! LOVE IT!
you guys will have such a great time and make some amazing memories! I look forward to seeing pictures of the condo since we have always stayed in a hotel but would like to stay in a condo next time.

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