:: Weekend Re-Cap ::

:: First off we had a the best offer sent out way on Friday night, my parents asked if they could take the boys for the evening for SLEEPOVER!!!! Ahhh, you don't know how much of a gift this is to us! We don't have kids that sleep in, let alone sleep all the way through the night. Our boys love to cuddle and be with us in bed...this is great, but can get very squishy and we are the ones who don't get the best sleep. So with that offer on the table we set aside plans to work on our projects we were working on and take the night to enjoy a movie and time on the town ::

:: We headed out to Inception -- um, yeah, I had seen people leaving the word "inception" in their status' on facebook. To say the least I was entertained, but neither of us were too taken with the movie. It felt like levels of a realistic video game to me. But after that we headed to one of our favorite restaurants and ended up being seated right close to a famous singer from Vancouver, that was fun..I spoke to his waitress and she said that she'd never been handed a black AMEX before, she said it was made of metal...oh the life of the rich and famous! ::

:: We both slept better knowing that we wouldn't be woken up by a rogue foot or elbow {insert scene from date night here!} and that we got to wake up when we woke up not when our kids were up! It was heavenly! Here's a shot of Paul just before we ate breakfast, we enjoyed eggs, watched the news, perused blogs + the new Ikea look book and drank coffee without worrying about it spilling...oh, it was glorious! ::

:: The dream didn't last long though, before we knew it the boys were back and into everything, we did the gardening, lawn mowing and trimming then Paul went into the Motor Home to finish up his project and headed into the garage to start mine ::

:: Here's a sneak peek at what I was working on {more on that later} ::
:: We enjoyed some time on the bikes, as well as church and visiting with Paul's parents..it's been incredibly hot here so we've kinda just been in survival mode trying to stay cool ::

:: Here's a picture of Cole on his new balance bike, he's such a big boy now! And so full of beans, but we love him to bits! ::

:: Hopefully I'll be back to post the finishing touches on my project and maybe even Paul's project! Happy August Y'all ::


Crystal said...

oh i love the Vault; great date night place! I am still waiting for my first night sans baby, I am not quite there yet, but its coming soon!!

Christy said...

Fun fun! And yay for sleepovers at Grandparents :)

Lisa B. said...

Yeah foe dates, dinner out and deep restful sleeps! Worth their weight in gold!!! Glad you enjoyed your "sleepover!"

Joanne said...

We had a great time with the boys....they are such fun!

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