:: Arizona 2011 ::

:: Back a couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of heading out of town to Arizona for 5 days - we had a babysitter come and stay with the boys for 2 days and then Mr. L's parents stayed for the rest -- We were thankful for the free accommodations we had thanks to my parents who rented the house from Amanda's In-Laws---hahahha, did you catch all that ;) ::

:: We headed off to Bellingham the night after we had a huge snowfall in the lower mainland, however once we made it to Bellingham...it was smooth sailing, no need to even de-ice the plane! We settled into our seats enjoyed our drinks and played a came of Phase 10 ::
:: These next photos are from the back yard of the house we were staying in, on our first night and first sun set - stunning hey!!?? ::
:: Cactus in all it's glory ::
:: We hit up our favorite burger joint "In-N-Out" - so stinkin' good! ::
:: Here we are with one of the gorgeous sunsets ::
:: The fountain behind the house ::
:: Random beautiful cactus by the clubhouse ::
:: The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction was happening after the week were were in Arizona, so we had to make sure we made it to an event - this was the free car show we went to at the Scottsdale Pavilions - It was an OUTSTANDING car show! ::

:: Here's Mom & Dad at the show, Mom had gotten a cold just before we got to Arizona so this was the first real day she actually felt good ::
:: Here we are just about to walk the show - yeah, I may have been a tad over dressed for the care show, but I was comfy so I didn't care ;) ::

:: Here's Big Bob and P-Dub in front of the Barrett Jackson Motor home ::

:: Here is a shot of the whole show just as the sun had set - Unbelievable! ::

:: Here is the main portion of the house we stayed in, nice eh!??! ::

:: Here is the back deck of the house, that backs right onto the golf course ::

:: Yes, here we are again, standing on the little putting green that's in the backyard. We had some good laughs just trying to putt! Ha, I'm not a very good golfer! ::

:: Mom was finally starting to really feel like herself here, so here is a shot of the four of us in the backyard - a la self-timer ;) ::

:: Our "last supper" was at Claim Jumper -- it is one of our most favorite restaurants, we went to Claim Jumper 4 times when we were in Las Vegas a couple years ago ::

:: We bought a piece of their signature dessert, the chocolate cake. It's $9 and feeds probably 10 people, Mr. L set up the comparison once we got home. It's beside a full size carton of milk - HA! ::
:: We spent two of our days enjoying the pool, the weather had just hit the mid 70's when we arrived, up until then it had been in the mid 60's - so we were blessed to be able to stay out by the pool. Most of the time we were by ourselves as it was too chilly for the regulars ::
:: Fruit trees were everywhere, this one is one of the trees by the pool ::
:: R E L A X I N G by the pool, ahhh, such a nice time! ::

:: That's all lovelies, we had a great, fabulous, wonderfully relaxing time away from the normal routine of life! Thanks to both our parents for helping us get to go on this vacation! We are SO blessed! ::

:: Now I'm off to turn up my furnace because it's freezing here! ::

:: Happy Thursday Lovelies! ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

So nice! Glad you could get away for some R&R! Love the dress to the car show... where'd you find that, lady?

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