:: V-Day Date ::

:: We had a lovely date for Valentines day -- we celebrated on Saturday, it's more conducive for actually enjoying the celebration of love ::
:: First we headed to Earls to enjoy dinner ::
:: Then Starbucks {ugh, my favorite!} ::

:: Then we went to the Kings Speech - it was phenomenal! No wonder it's got so many nominations! It was long, but SO good and totally worth it! ::

:: We then went to where we always go on our way home from dates, to the car lot. Usually I get out and entertain Mr. L by looking at the cars with him. But this night it was rather dreary out and so I stayed in the car while he yelled the stats to me from across the lot. I sat and took pictures ::

:: On to the next lot, I'm dead serious people -- we do this for fun! ::
:: This is what I did while he was cruising the car lot...a la Shawna ::

:: We then headed home {the boys were with G&G overnight *insert angels singing*} so we took a photo together, to prove that we actually together ;) ::
:: Then had some tea and enjoyed a few treats -- including a red velvet cupcake ::


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like the perfect little date night...love the series of self portraits! And you two...cruising the car lots - I can totally see it!

Jody & Melissa said...

Soooo funny. I don't know which picture I like more - the one of Paul with the car door open or your series of self-portraits while you wait. I love that you guys do this.

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