: What I love Wednesday :

Good Morning Lovelies!!! This post was all ready to go yesterday when my internet wasn't working to post it and then my day got away on me by sitting by the pool ;)

:So here is my list of items I love right now:

Lulu&Drew, a girlfriend of mine who has an amazing style and delightful soul has started painting and has decided to share her talent with us...find her on FB or Etsy! Love it Steph!

My girlfriend Amanda has just recently started an Avon business...I've have found quite a few things that I have loved...this blush and shimmer mineral powder is one of those things, if you want one too contact Amanda via her page on FB

No these next three items are all from the same Hudsons Bay Collection --- they get me in the mood for FALL, my most favorite time of the year!

And last but not least I have found a decaf coffee that I love, Kirkland brand but roasted by Starbucks, have no idea what that means but I do know it's DARN good and CHEAP

We're still enjoying a beautiful break from the everyday...today on the schedule is paddle boats, pool time and hopefully some back to school shopping!

Have a wonderful day Lovelies, hope you're going to get a moment to enjoy the sun!



Lindz said...

oh i missed your Wednesday posts!! love love love it!!

Jennifer said...

is that a thermos from the Bay? Whatever it is I love it :-)

Shawna said...

@Lindz::Thank you! Feels good to be back ;)

@Jennifer::Yes, it is from the BAY - so cool, Eh!?!?

Laura said...

Poolside... sounds lovely! We're camping for a few days this weekend and that's my plan too!
Thanks for sharing :)
I'll have to check out that coffee, if they make it in regular (not decaf). Do you know? Josh is a coffee addict but doesn't drink decaf. We're always looking for a delicious one that isn't too pricey! Oh, and Costco in the States or Canada? :) Thanks!

Christy said...

I love YOU on Wednesday :) Must catch up soon!

Roo said...

love that you're blogging again! love that you are a fall enthusist!love your great finds!!

Shawna said...

@Laura::We should have planned it better and we could have been sitting at the same pool! And yes, they have "leaded" kirkland brand starbucks roast @ Costco in the US of A --- It's in the green bag and equally as delish!

@Christy::Yes! We must do another skype date!

@Roo::thanks for the blog-lovin' I've missed seeing you these days, ahhh, summer-lovin' ;)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the shout out S!! If you would like to be on my email list or get a paper catalogue for each campaign send me an email at avonwithamanda@hotmail.ca !

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