: Beach Cabin :

We had a great opportunity to get away for a much needed break {just after we moved into the basement} to spend some time at our friends beach cabin...it's such an inviting place {see photo below of what we're greeted with}

The kids {and adults alike} played on the beach by the campfire

Our friends MJ & Coby along with JJ and Kylee {their youngest daughter}
Such a beautiful piece of property, it's been in their family for 30+ years!
We didn't have the most fabulous weather the whole time, but even the rain couldn't hamper us going out and "adventurizing" on the beach. We found mussels, crabs, purple starfish and the list goes on! We were playing hands on with God's creation and it was SO fun!
Drying off and playing in the beach cabin
And preparing meals, and eating meals and snacking...

Even early morning pancake preparation - ha ha!

One afternoon we ventured out to the local street market and Rock Falls...

I'll be back with the rest of the trip tomorrow. Today we're camping, enjoying more of the beautiful creation we're surrounded with!

Happy Monday Lovelies! I've got some great posts coming this week, here's to hoping I can keep up and on top of all of the posts I have in the works ;)

Oh and I'm saying a prayer today for Jack Layton's family, so sad that cancer stole him too early.



Christy said...

You've got great friends! So glad you were able to get away and chill......

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect get away!!

Laura said...

What a beautiful place! Sounds/looks like a wonderful time away :)

Jennifer said...

So cute! I've been craving camping/vacationing so much this last month lol! At least I can live vicariously through my blogging friends :-)

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