: Simply Sweet Summer :

In between my mid Summer "spaz attack" we have quite enjoyed the fruits of this season..coming in the form of a white bowl full of cherries:

My new beach tote from Mr. L & the Boys:

Slices of ice cold watermelon with a dash of fluer de sel - oh ME oh MY!

After having a near death experience via drowning to most of my white&green potted plants, my Marm bought me some new ones to help fill the gaps...and apparently I'm an okay parent as they haven't died yet!

Garden fresh peas {not from my garden} but delish and fresh non the less!

French lemonade late in the afternoon while chilling on a blanket and reading a book is pretty much pure bliss {until your child turns the sprinkler on you!}! And the fact that I got these awesome bottles to keep once I drink the lemonade makes me even happier...AND I got them on sale for $2/bottle makes me absolutely ecstatic!

Enjoying family, warm Summer sun & amazing food in the garden...also another thing I've enjoyed...

Hope you're finding joy in the little things that fill your Summer days!

I'm off to a day full of the normal stuff like lining up back to school doctor/dental appointments, banking, grocery shopping but then I get to top off the day out for coffee with a friend! Enjoy your Friday Lovelies!



Christy said...

Can I just say, I'm happy you are back :)

Shawna said...

Thanks Seester! As am I ;)

Lyla said...

Gorgeous! Classy! Lovely! Just like you! I am in awe of your ability to make life look so beautiful!

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