: What I Love Wednesday ~ Summer Edition :

Feels like it's been eons since I posted a "What I Love" post...so here's what I'm loving this August!

: About the things I Love :
  • The Help - Read the book {Loved it!} Saw the movie last night, absolutely wonderful!
  • Macarons {finally mastered the perfect recipe this summer}
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Organic Coconut oil to stay moisturized, gives the nicest glow to tanned legs
  • Oh, and the local berries this Summer have been fabulous
  • And my favorite go-to natural nail polish for both my fingers and toes, I know, I'm boring - oh well!
  • Rosary Necklace -- looking for an authentic one, have yet to find one at the antique market...will keep looking till I do!
  • MK Fragrance : Loves it! Oh my!
  • Benefit High Beam, this stuff is a secret weapon shhhh don't tell anybody!
  • CoCo Quote, thought this was a great quote, couldn't help but post it!
: What are some of your favorite things this Summer? I would love to know! :

It's an absolutely gorgeous day and I'm on my way to getting organized for September, feels good...crazy that it's almost that time again, but as you know...it's my favorite time of the year!



susan said...

Wonderful list! My sister-in-law makes (and sells) Macarons, she took a class in Paris about them, delish!!
The Help - I have but haven't had the chance to read.
I'm sure I could get my hands on an authentic Rosary from my Mother in law, or any of my in laws, or Seth's school...or... *wink*

Shawna said...

Grandma Pelletier had a rosary necklace...it was black with silver beads...ya, I know...perfect right?
Just called Nanny....G-ma was buried with it.

Joanne said...

Just to de-mystify any confusion about the last comment....no, Shawna is not talking back to herself. Just one of the challenges of living all together...I didn't know that she was logged into my computer when I wrote it.

susan said...

You guys are funny!

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