: JJ's Graduation :

: At the end of June we celebrated Jacob's preschool graduation, he was just a tad bit excited about this very small {BIG} milestone in his life. Something that made it extra special was that he got to be on stage with his buddy Karter, we heard about his excitement days before and after the event! :

: The kids performed for us, well all the other kids, but mine - HA! He just stood there stone faced and watched until the end of the song, and if we didn't clap he would point to us and say "CLAP!" - Seriously hilarious! :
: Here he is with one of his three teachers getting his certificate...and if we didn't already know it he wants to be a train conductor when he grows up :
: Our family just after he walked off the stage, now the next really big step, kindergarten! :
: Teacher Cheryl & JJ :
: We enjoyed a lovely tea after the graduation, and here are Grammie & Grampy with the Graduate :
: And with the Graduate's brother...it will be his turn in a few short months! :
: Congratulations on your milestone of graduating preschool JJ -- Just one of the many times you have made our hearts so happy & proud! :

That's all for today lovelies! Thanks for your sweet comments, emails & texts yesterday after my spaz attack...You are all just so lovely!

Have a great day --- It's a beautiful one here!


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Canadian Kristin said...

It's so fun how something as minor to us is such a big deal to our kids! I love it, I think that keeps us intrigued! Wahooo... here comes Kindiegarten!

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