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One day last week my parents {in case you don't know/remember, we moved out of our house on July 1st...and have since been in my parents basement suite} bought the boys a tent to play in, it was super easy to set up and the boys were just SO excited!
All the details including a mini cooler with snacks and drinks - HA!
Just before they saw it
Realizing what the surprise was...
And checking out the digs!

Really nothing's more exciting then their very OWN tent!
All zipped in enjoying their new digs!
And yes, I brought out a little t.v. and a dvd player for them so they could watch a new movie until sunset...which means they were up until 10 pm, then fell into a sound sleep in the tent - There was a bit of frustration when JJ woke at 6 am and figured out that he wasn't still in the tent!
Thanks Grammie & Grampy for the great tent & memories for our boys!


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Laura said...

What a fun idea! GOod job, Grammie and Grampy!

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