: Mr&Mrs :

This past weekend we celebrated with the last of our friends {in the original bible study group that Mr.L & I met} to get married.It was a fabulous time of celebrating as we had all been praying for our friend to find the one his heart belonged to for quite a while and 2012 was his year! He found her, fell for her, put a ring on it and now they are wed!

Mr. L had the pleasure of standing up with Tony while he wed Cherilyn {uunfortunately our littlest didn't quite understand that Daddy wasn't marrying Auntie Cherilyn and thus bawled the whole ceremony thinking that Daddy was going off and marrying another woman! HAHAHA - so glad this isn't our reality ;) }! Tony was the one who drove my Dad & I to the church on our wedding day, so it was a trip seeing Paul up on stage with Tony now ready to wed his true love, SO GREAT!
We're so happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. S and glad that we're almost neighbors too -- All the best to the newly wed Couple - Enjoy Hawaii!


*Photos courtesy of Mr.L's BB*

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Crystal said...

Gorgeous couple!

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