: Blessed :

This just happened and I knew if I didn't write about it I would forget it.

I'm sitting in our front office finishing up some work listening to a praise song my friend had recommended when I see my neighbor pull into her driveway and then into her garage. I just say a quick little shout to God "Thanks for great neighbors, we're so blessed" -- Heidi and I chat once a week or so. She's a lovely lady, has two grown sons and is married to Paul {
strange, no?} -- anyway she's just delightful, welcoming and warm.

Next thing I know {
sometimes I get caught up in my own little world} our doorbell rings, there is Heidi standing there with this...
We had just had a conversation about how I can't wait to get my pots filled with summer blooms so she thought I would love a little thing of spring blooms.

So silly but so great all the same. I burst into tears and told her that I just thanked the Lord for us having such great neighbors when I saw her drive in. She said the feeling is mutual and that was it.

Sometimes when other people do very tangible things for me it continues to overwhelm.

Just the other day when we came home from the wedding our friends that had been babysitting the boys left me {cause it's my job} this gift...
I was so blessed and overwhelmed by the amount of laundry that they did for me, seriously probably 6 loads were washed and folded ready to be put away!
May I never forget these tangible ways that God's love and care is shown to me...

"'For this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them." Ezekiel 34:11



susan said...

Dang, where did my comment go??

Here we go again...smile

Wonderful neighbours are a BLESSING, we too are blessed in this way & it brings tears to my eyes to see the friendship that has developed between Seth & our neighbours son.

And the flowers...beautiful! We currently have a lot of snow on the ground so a sign of Spring would be a blessing indeed!


Christy said...

Send that laundry fairy to my house!!

Laura said...

What a nice uplifting post!

Joanne said...

Such a great reminder....we have no idea how our actions can bless others so deeply.

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