: Where have I been? :

Okay, maybe you haven't missed me as much as I've missed posting. But it's been a crazy few days {okay, week!} and I'm still in the thick of it.

I've been up to my woo-hoo in cake making, this is just one of the special orders I had for this past weekend, I'm currently working on cake no. 3 in the past 5 days.
I got lost in our closet for a full 8 hours - it was a horrendous mess and I was so sick of it not being organized {only due to me being lazy and not putting things back in their appropriate spots} -- but now that it's organized and one jumbo bag of clothes is off to good will, I feel that I'll be able to keep up the new found organization.
We celebrated the first day of Spring break with a stop at Tim Hortons for a sprinkle doughnut for the boys..after Tims we drove to Starbucks for a coffee for me..I'm SO not a Tim Hortons coffee girl. Give me my Starbucks!
I've been working on a rather in depth surprise project that is finally completed today -- I'll be thankful to deliver this surprise and carry on with life ;)
Had an absolutely fabulous night out with Tawn @ Lady Antebellum last night, such a great show, can't even express it! We sat down for one song out of their whole play list. It was a BLAST!
Because I missed writing about this last week, here is last weeks "52 weeks of blessing"
This one was a hum-dinger last week -- God had specifically been asking me to do something and I was basically lazy {& a little stubborn} and didn't listen. What He had asked me to do was not difficult or expensive, I was just being a brat. So then He puts it on my heart to do something that costs more and is more out of my way then what He was asking me to do before, but this time I did it and it was good to be obedient to His prompting. I have to say lovelies, this was probably my most difficult one to do thus far.

Anyway, I have a friend who was going away on a 6 hour flight so I picked her up a few items for her flight: a magazine, some snacks & sugar free sweets and delivered it to her house the day before she left on vacation.
There ya go, that's what I've been up to -- we also hosted 2 dinner parties over the weekend, went to church and attended another birthday in the City. Mix all that into everyday life and no school for the kids, makes for one busy Mama...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone, I hope to be back with 'What I love Wednesday' tomorrow. But if I'm not, don't fear, I'm probably just cooked into one of my cakes or something, sure to rise to the top again ;)



susan said...

Miss ya friend!

Christy said...

I can echo the thoughts on missing blogging more than you are missed! Love the Tinkerbell cake, so cute!

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