: What I LOVE Wednesday {fly by post} :

This is going to be a "fly by post" because realistically life is too busy today to be sitting on the computer..but I figured since it was a pancake making morning that I could take a few minutes to be inspired by what I'm loving and finish my morning coffee...so here goes nothing ;)

I've been looking for throw pillows, if you've read my blog for a while you know how much I love a nice pillow. You also know how cheap I am -- well look at these babies, Overstock has them for a set for $45 -- $22.50 per pillow is not bad {including the insert} -- I was quite tickled when I saw these...hmmmmm, we'll see -- it's bad enough that I'm cheap but indecisive too!

I bought me some new kitchen soap the other day, I saw this one @ Fred Meyers and it was on sale for 20% off so I could no longer resist it! I see the Watkins display every time I enter the grocery store and this is my first product from them. I love the Aloe & Green tea scent as it's not sweet smelling and it just smells fresh - Thank you Watkins, for $3 that was a treat and a deal!
I often find any excuse to by myself a potted little spot of Spring and this year I found them on sale for $1.29 - such a deal for a 2 week long centerpiece that we get to see grow and bloom {Cole was quite taken with the growth process} -- this time instead of the glass vase I put it in a ceramic pot I had in a neutral colour with fake moss rocks around it..the moss rocks are actually just Styrofoam covered with a mossy substance which is also fake. But I liked the look of it and have enjoyed having it on our coffee table to welcome Spring.

I love the way my kids can't sit still to take a photo, I mean really!?!? {sense the sarcasm?} Just one photo, I took about 12 to get to this one and gave up. This is them with their Nana on Sunday.
Loving the hope of new with the coming of Spring, planting our new garden bed and planning what we want to *ahem* attempt to grow this Summer is super fun, I find our seeds at the dollar tree for 4/$1 - a steal of a deal, can't wait to try our hand at some more herbs and try to grow peas, never grown peas so hoping that they turn out! I'm sad that all the work I put into our last homes gardens we don't get to enjoy this year, this was the best time of year in that house, Cherry blossom trees & the earth blooming with life and growth. Oh well, it's fun to plan a new garden with new hope!
Loved this quick and easy meal I made for Mr. L the other night when I was heading out with some girlfriends. Soup from Trader Joes {SO good!} and the mix is from a trade show -- instant focaccia bread. It was a dreary Winter day so the meal for Mr. L hit the spot and it smelled SO good as I was heading out the door.
And last but not least we LOVE these pancakes from Bob's Red Mill. Super healthy and easy to make, not expensive either. I would much rather my family eat these over the white white white pancakes. I have never heard a complaint from feeding them these either. In fact they all rave as to how great they are...try them, you might just not go back! It's a beautiful sunny day here in Vancouver and I'm off to finish a cake, get ready and hit the town for a dinner party. Then tomorrow I die. Kidding. But I think I might just hibernate for a day or two - I'm a little tired from all this hoopla!

Ps. If you're a local gal and have been to the new Canadian Dollar Tree, just be warned, it may look like they have the same stuff and the do, kinda. The price on most items is $1.25 and they don't have the selection of items that the USA Dollar Tree has. That being said it is one of the most un-junky, well organized dollar stores you will ever enter. But for my Canadian dollar store purchases I will still be hitting up Dollarama -- just my $0.02 ;)

Have a wonderful day Lovelies!


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