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This morning along with 30 other random deals that come to my inbox each morning {don't want to miss out on a cheap dinner out or massage you know!} I had an email come from Old Navy telling me all about their current sale item which happens to be dresses for Spring.

If you you know me in real life, even just in passing, you know I live in dresses & skirts, it's rare that you'll see me in jeans or pants, I just prefer dresses..and not cause they are more girlie ;) - it just seems easier to me, not quite sure why!

So this email got me thinking about my style and what I will wear around town this Spring and to church {leaning more towards Easter Sunday wear} -- I've been trying for weeks to get my boys Easter outfits ready but haven't taken a moment to think about mine, so here are the two boards I put together

Spring Style

Click here for a link to my this board on my Polyvore

Church Spring Style

Click here for a link to this board on my Polyvore

We're pretty classic dressers around here, not trendy or cool, but classic. We're fine with that, I see others who are super cute and trendy and love the way they look, but for me {& typically my boys} dressing classically suits us best and comes most naturally.

What is your dressing style? Do you have a style? I'd love to hear what your "go-to" items are and what you'll be looking to wear this Spring.

Happy Thursday All!



Crystal said...

I was browsing the website earlier and I love the red dress! I'm thinking I need a maxi dress to as it's easy for breastfeeding!

Janean Bennett said...

LOL - I had to laugh that you say the classic dressing suits the boys. Good luck with that once they actually hit grade 4ish...skinny jeans, striped sweaters and floppy hair became the look of choice. Sigh. He won't even CONSIDER the white polo...maybe number two child will be more flexible. Though currently he enjoys red jeans so I am doubtful. HA!

Anonymous said...

SHAWNA!! the first batch of pics with the cute flowy dresses..are they from Old Navy? GAH,I need you to come help me find dresses and skirts...THAT I HATE. I'm the opposite that i love pants BUT I do love the idea of dresses!! LOVE your outfit choices

Shawna said...

thanks girls for the blog love ;)
@Crystal: Sounds like you need a new little something to spruce up your Spring wardrobe and assist with feeding your sweet little man!

@Janean: oh dear. Lord only knows we'll go through some outfit phases, but of all the phases that's one of the easiest ;)

@Jen: Yup they are from Old Navy -- if you click on the mini picture of the dress it will take you right to the website where the product is from ;)


Candice said...

Style?? Don't have any ;o) ...I'm okay with that! I LOVE that red dress though and may have to make a little trip to ON to check it out. BTW, you ALWAYS look fab.u.lous. Truly.

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