: Christmas 2012 Wrap Up :

I can't believe how full and fast Christmas came and went this year!  We had a wonderfully magical Christmas.  

Do you remember "the" Christmas, the Christmas that Santa still existed, the Christmas that couldn't have enough treats, the Christmas that the more event to go to the better!?!  Well that was this Christmas for us; we knew well before December that this Christmas was going to be a big one for our little boys and that it was! 

Here is a wrap up of our Christmas events and travels 
{I would do a whole post with official photographs, but this will have to do as I have yet to blog about our vacations this Summer and September!}

Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas in more ways than just gifts but in the true reason we celebrate!  

Happy 2013!  I will be back early next week to post my word of the year.  

Happy Weekend lovelies! 

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