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I wouldn't say that I'm a clean freak.  Like anyone else I like my home to be neat + tidy. 

I love it when our beds are made {which as of yet they are not} and when the laundry is all caught up. In a perfect world when I'm not out cuddling new babies and spending time playing micro machines on the floor with my little men or at the table doing homework all these things get done in a timely manner. 

However, truth be told holding new "freshies" and spending time with my kids trumps living in a perfect home where everything is uncluttered, finished and put away.  This is just not reality! 

Mixed with all that comes with being a mama {who also works a little & volunteers a little} comes with a challenge to find a way to make the normal feel cleaner, neater and more organized. 

So today I tackled under the kitchen sink.  Pet peeves with this area is, it's always changing, I can't have coordinating labeled things {I'm not that ocd} but I can take things and re:organize them.  

: This is the mess I started out with :
 : Got a few supplies from my local dollar store :: $8 later I was in business :
: Since we didn't buy this house new the wood under the sink was quite beat up, nothing could clean it and I wasn't about to paint it just so more water and junk could make it look bad again.  I had seen someone put these sticky tiles down under their sink and thought that was the perfect fix!  

Then when I was at the dollar store getting my baskets I saw boxes of the sticky tiles for 3/$1.25 :: they may not be the exact look that I was going for but hey for $3 I can't beat that! Especially since they will be inside a cupboard not seen for half the time! :
 : The finished tiled cupboard :: took me about 20 minutes to do this :
  : Voila! The finished product!  I don't like packaging, boxes etc. so using the re:usable bins for my dishwasher pucks and little odds and sods makes it much more appealing to the eye and makes it so that I {+the mr.} can see where everything is! It's a good thing and I love it! :
: Well I'm off to go finish making the beds and fold thus said laundry before I go get the boys, I'll be back tomorrow with my completed office overhaul :: Feels so good to cross things off the list! :

Praying you enjoy the day : Happy Tuesday Lovelies
{ XoXo }


Joanne said...

I love these cold January days for this kind of project....great job, Hon!

Rachel said...


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