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So the office, its a funny little space.   It's actually not that little {aprox. 10x10} but it's right off the entrance when you walk into our home.  So when you walk into our home, you either notice it or walk right by it.  If you walk right by it; great!  If you stop an notice it I cringe a little. 

It's always been an odd space to fill. With almost floor to ceiling windows, a set of mirrored closet doors and some horrible cream carpet that I try to hide by having an area rug on it cause until it's removed it will never be clean!  Everything in this office we have inherited, the book shelf {the Mr.'s Grandparents} the desk {The Mr.'s Parents} the desk chair {my Grandfathers} the wicker chairs {My Parents} the little book shelf {my Parents} the rug {also my Parents} :: I like me some hand-me-downs so I do ;-) the only item I owned in this little office is the drapes and decor items! 

I don't have any money to spend on re:doing the office, not any that I want to put into it as we are are saving for our built-in that will be going into the family room. 

So with no budget and a crazy paper filled mess from months of neglect over November & December on Sunday I tackled this mess...
To be honest the space just wasn't working for me.  
1. I want to not cringe when friends walk in and see the office
2. I want it to 'work' for me {not just looks wise but as a functioning office}
3. Paperwork drives me mad so there has to be a better way!

Here is the office once I moved the desk and the book shelves {if you follow me on Instagram {shawnalad} you know that I started this on Sunday afternoon while the Mr. was out as he hates it when I tackle jobs that seem endless}
: This is now what you see when you enter the office :: Much better, no? :
: and from the window to the closet :
 : I keep magazines I really love so the office is the perfect spot to keep issues that I just can't part with :
: to add some different perspective, this is from the closet out the window :
 : I love my little desk & chairs, I would LOVE to have an all white dreamy airy office but I'm not willing to dump money into something that really doesn't matter, so for now, we have hand-me-downs and I'm quite pleased with them! :
 : So there we go; one more project completed and ready to tackle the next one {not sure what that is yet, but I'm sure there is something!}

: I hope you had a great day, mine was a little rough for a few different reasons, but praying that tomorrow looks better and the sun comes back out to shine on me! : 

Happy Wednesday Lovelies! 
{ XoXo }


Christy said...

Looking great sista! Glad to "see" you back blogging.....

Amanda said...

Looks really nice S! Can't wait to see it in person. You should see our office...bahahahha okay, maybe you shouldn't. It is empty.

Joanne said...

I wasn't sure about a re-arrangement....I liked your desk under the window 'cause I don't have a view in my office....but I REALLY like the way it looks. Well done!

Janean said...

I like it much better the new way! The shelves were too heavy of a visual, but the desk is perfect. Have you considered painting it? (Might be a no-no because of the inheriting factor)Because that desk would look awesome white! Janean

Lacey Forward said...


Lacey Forward said...

Yellow! Oh how I love thee! So yes... LOve it!

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