:: Jen & Me ::

:: To celebrate Jen's (Paul's Sister) upcoming wedding I took her out to Pure Nail bar on South Granville followed by a light lunch at Picnics (by Meinharts) and then a whole bunch of shopping that quickly made our afternoon race by! ::
:: Then we headed to SalaThai (Jennifer's favorite place to eat) and I have to say it was amazing food. After that we met our Mom's and headed to Earls for Dessert (sorry no pic's, it was all too tempting and so we forgot to take pictures!). At Earls we each gave Jen a little piece of lingerie (this was a surprise to her and she was SO delighted). Then we went and saw the movie Stardust, it was a cute fairy tale and transformed us to another non-wedding, non-baby world...even if it was only for 2 hours! ::
:: I had a great time treating you all day Jen, hopefully we can do it again soon! ::
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Nickie said...

I must say Shawna, you are one of the hottest pregnant women I have ever known! :)

Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a fantastic day all around.
Congrats to Jenn on her upcoming wedding....only a few sleeps now!

Canadian Kristin said...

Okay.....getting married now compared to when I did it.....HOT! Pregnant Shawna....also HOT! Amazingly awesome!

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