:: Reception Set-Up ::

:: Yesterday I (along with Mum & Dad, Jennifer & Michael, Kevin & Claudia & Stephanie) spent the better part of the day getting the UBC Boathouse prepared for the wedding ~ Jennifer had so many great things to use on the table and around the room that were "beach" themed, it was so much fun to set up! Hope you enjoy the pictures, we are almost ready to head back into Vancouver to primp & dress for the wedding, I will update the blog as soon as I have time ::

:: CONGRATULATIONS Jen & Michael on your new life as husband & wife ::

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Lisa B. said...

LOOKS AWESOME!!!! All your hard work has paid off....it's sure to be a beautiful day and lovey reception.

Enjoy your day as MOH.


Mike and Toby said...

What a gorgeous day it was! Went off without a hitch and what great company everyone was! Great job Shawna you were an amazing help to Jennifer ... Im so glad everything went so well for them :D

Canadian Kristin said...

HO-LEE MACKEREL.....Amazing. Simply and completely amazing.

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