:: Up to my eyeballs ::

:: Well it's finally here, the long awaited week of the wedding for Jennifer & Michael. Such a fun time, but also so many little things to do, prepare and complete prior to Saturday (& Sunday, the second reception) ::
:: So this afternoon we have to pick up my dress (hopefully it fits now, this will be the 3rd try to get it to fit properly) then we pick up Paul's tux and we're on the way to the rehearsal followed by a BBQ @ Michael's Parents Place. Tomorrow is set-up downtown @ 2:00, Saturday 10:00 am head downtown pick up bride and go to her place to get ready with all the girls and Paul goes off with all the guys to get ready - the rest of Saturday is pictures and MOH duties along with the reception at the Vancouver Yacht Club. Then Sunday there is a second reception in which we all have to dress in our appropriate GM & MOH outfits again. During all this we are lending our child out to any open hands...just kidding, but he (our son) is be toted along with Grammie & Grampie for most of these days ::
:: So today I have to finish laundry, pack Jacob's multiple bags for the next few days, iron Paul's rehearsal attire, iron my rehearsal attire, pick up my dress, do my hair, finish the table name cards, tidy the house so it's not a complete disaster by the end of the weekend....hmmm, nope that's not it, I also have write a toast to the bride! ::
:: I'm going to sign off here so that I can get a few of the above done prior to Jacob waking up from his nap, so have a great weekend everyone and I will be back on Monday (probably in recovery mode) but I will have pictures from these glorious events, so stay tuned! ::
:: To Jennifer & Michael, Congratulations on your wedding day ~ I hope all of the planning and details make your day extra special, you deserve it! Love *S ::


Laura said...

wow - one busy momma! Have fun this weekend!

Lisa B. said...

Can't wait to see pics of the gala event!!!

You're a fantastic sister and MOH and deserve every honor that comes with that title.

Enjoy your weekend!

Canadian Kristin said...

Sounds like it will be an amazingly fun and full weekend....have a blast.....then PUT YOUR FEET UP!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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