:: Almost Done ::

:: March is almost gone -- I can't believe it!!! Now come April Showers, nah, it's not that bad. April has many fabulous events sure to keep us busy (but not too busy) and after April comes May; and May is usually such a beautiful month here in Vancouver ::
:: Well, as I sit here and write Ray & his friend are installing our basement carpet. Me and my friend...okay maybe it was more like my friend & I prepared the basement for the carpet installation for the better portion of the day yesterday and Saturday for that matter! ::

:: Paul finished re-building our rickety stairs that made the basement feel so much like a basement instead of an extension of our home & knocked the tiles out from around the brick that surrounds the fire. He (that being "my friend" aka Paul) installed the laminate floor in the kids play room (however, this went much smoother once I was helping him, ha ha that's at least what I told him...he said it was true, I told him he was being nice), I painted the kids playroom to match the blue in the rest of the main basement :::: It was a group effort to get everything moved out of the main room so that the carpet could be laid and voila...we're ready for carpet! Oh, and notice the new light fixture...Dad was over last week to install those as I didn't want to light myself up by trying to install them myself...and well, Paul isn't much of an electrician! ::

:: I cannot wait till my Paul returns from work today to help me arrange the furniture and truly make the basement part of our home instead of a really large junk drawer! ::

:: I am off today to go State side and take Grammie & Grampy to the Bellingham airport so they can continue on to Maui, via Seattle -- I've lost a bit of weight, do you think I can fit in the suitcase??? I'm sure that Jacob could drive Cole back home, heck he knows which passport is his, why couldn't he drive as well!?!?? He's very advanced ya know! ::

:: Okay all joking aside I must go and do some bill paying and laundry folding prior to our day trip ~ Have a great day ya'll & enjoy the sunshine, it's a beautiful one here! ::

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Joanne said...

The play fort looks terrific!! Thanks for the ride...Maui is terrific!

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