:: Easter Fun ::

:: I just realized that I didn't post anything about our Easter weekend...and what a weekend it was! ::
:: We actually started celebrating on Palm Sunday - We were invited over to our friends the Bakers for brunch, and we had the pleasure of visiting with the VanHarmelen's as well ::

:: We attended an Easter lunch with a whole bunch of friends ( + 27 kids ) on Good Friday, then Saturday was the annual Easter Blast @ church followed by the purchase of our new dining room suite (more on that later) :::: Saturday night we went over to our friends place (M & L) and had "Passion & Paska". I made the Paska (thanks to Lovella's recipe) and we watched the Passion of the Christ...Such a horrible movie, but such a great reminder of what Christ did for us. I am truly thankful ::

:: Sunday was spent at my parents place celebrating with lots of family & lots of food...it was a great time. My cousins Robert & Charleen have a little guy named Trevor who is 6 months older than Jacob so it was great to see them interact and have a very large Easter egg hunt thanks to Grammie! Oh what fun! ::
:: Then on Monday we headed to Paul's parents place for dinner...except I don't have any pictures from that event. I forgot my camera! Argh! ::
:: So there you have it our Easter all wrapped up - I hope you enjoyed your Easter and had reasons to celebrate that were greater than bunnies, chocolates & eggs. I had a greater reason to celebrate, because HE died for me and HE is risen! ::


Lisa B. said...

Easter was wonderful and we loved celebrating with you and yours.

Lisa B. said...

MMmmmmmmm paska. How I love paska.....thanks for introducing us to another delicious treat that is sure to become an Easter tradition.

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