:: Here I am ::

:: We have been busy around here and this week has just taken off on me! ::

:: Both the boys now have colds..serious, horrible sounding coughs. Poor little guys. Cole is trying his best to crawl and having great success. He just turned 5 months. I'm not ready for him to crawl. Hopefully it takes him a couple months to get it down to a fine science! ::

:: We have been, okay I have been working hard on getting the basement - more specifically my "scrap/spare room" that turned into the dumping ground for everything in the basement while we were getting the carpet installed into ship, shop shape ::

:: I spent yesterday organizing and going through different boxes that have been packed for almost a year now. So to say the least I am purging. If I haven't used it, it's gettin' chucked! But don't tell Paul...he likes to keep things...lots of things ::

:: Jacob is truly enjoying his new space downstairs and I love giving him that space. We were both ready for him to have that freedom and he is enjoying it. He comes upstairs every once in a while when he needs me to fix a toy that has come apart and I find that I spend time downstairs concentrated on playing with him because there are no other distractions - I am so blessed that we are able to live in the home we do ::

:: I'm off to finish up our taxes so I can submit them tomorrow morning and then tonight me and my love have a date...the place is a surprise to me - how nice! ::

:: Have a fabulous, wonderful, sunshiny day! ::


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like spring cleaning is in full swing at your place. Isn't it great to open the windows, let the fresh air in and get rid of stuff. I love it!

The basement looks great....I'm sure the girls will be over soon to help Jacob break it in.


jamiedelaine said...

Aw, sucky about the boys being sick...but exciting about you and Paul's date night. Make sure you post about where you went! :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Hope the boys get better quick, glad the basement is a blessing, have a GREAT DATE NIGHT tonight!!!!

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