:: Happy New Year; 2011 ::

:: We had a fairly low-key New Year celebration, but fun non-the-less ::

:: Here is what I wore yesterday, the last day of 2010...and it's probably what I'll wear today, the first day of 2011 - Ha Ha! ::

:: This is the same top I wore last year for New Years, I'm that kind of girl...not afraid to wear something on the exact same celebration year to year. However last year I wore the top as a dress with leggings - okay too much info...blah blah blah ::

:: I am wearing my nice *new birthday riding boots from my parents...I love them, don't often love boots as much as I love these, hope they last..I'm brutal on my shoes, but I'm trying to be nicer to them ;) ::

*More on my birthday celebration(s) later on, geesh - the last three months have been a whirlwind of celebrations & work, but I'll get to it!*

:: Here are a few more official shots aka: not taken with my phone, from our little NYE celebration. We ate yummy yummy Indian food and had a few sweet treats and some delish fruit for dessert ::

:: I picked up a few movies and one of them was Australia -- neither of us had seen it, yes apparently we do live under rocks! It's been released since 2008 ~ geesh, where the heck does the time go! ::

:: At any rate it was a phenomenal movie and would love to sit down and watch it again! Thanks for celebrating with us M&L! ::

:: Today we're just hanging out this morning, enjoying watching a new movie while the boys play with their new train set. It's a gorgeous day - clear and sunny - "cold like Calgary" said Mr. L this morning. And he's right, almost too cold to even go for a brisk walk ::

:: We're off to family events later this afternoon and for the evening..We've got very little going on for the next two days. I'll be cleaning up the Christmas decor and enjoying my three boys - the perfect way to start off the new year I think! ::

:: Happy 2011, I'll be back with my resolution word for the year and some reflection on last years word - here is a link to my 2009 word too ::


jamiedelaine said...

YOU AND PAUL LOOK HOT. and i loved australia. saw it in theatres!

jamiedelaine said...

P.S. SO COLD + I ran 10km in it this morning in pitt meadows! STUPID!

Canadian Kristin said...

Happy New Year, Shawna!!!

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