:: Still ::

:: I have a few friends that are having terrible days, stinking terrible days today. Today my day is okay, but I do understand the feeling of a terrible day...and just so you know I have plenty of my own "terrible" days ::

:: I saw this youtube video posted on one of my friends facebook pages...and it reminded me of so many things, but one person in particular ::

:: This is her song, and every Monday, Wednesday & Friday when I walk into school with JJ and say hi to her son and he puts a huge smile on his face and sometimes I even get a wave or a high five I can't help but think that she has had her "terrible" days too and yet she still rests in His arms. Her life is a testament of God's unfailing love and faithfulness {just read her blog, she exudes grace & His love} ::

:: May this song bless all those I know, close and far that are having one of "those" days ;) ::

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Char said...

*tears* Thanks Shawna. And yes, I do have my own load of terrible days. But God is good in it all. You are as much an example of that. Bless you!

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